Brexit Update

The UK left the European Union 11 months ago, and January 1st 2021 marks the end of the transition period.

From January 1st there are changes to everyone who buys and sells between the UK and the EU.

Elegant Bricks is based in London in the United Kingdom, and from January we will continue to serve our loyal customers across Europe.

Here's a quick update on how this will work.


All parcels we send to the EU will now have to have a customs declaration form attached.  This will list the contents of the parcel, their tax code (HS Code) and the order value.

This information is submitted electronically to your country's border control systems by Royal Mail and is stuck to the box with a printed label as well.


As the UK has left the VAT union with the EU, we will no longer have to charge UK VAT (currently 20%) on our shipments if they are to an EU destination.  

If the purchase value is above the import VAT threshold in your country, you may find yourselves charged by your local postal company or courier. 

Similarly you may be liable for Import Duty to receive a parcel from the UK.

If VAT or Duty is due then your postal service or courier may also add their own charge for handling this process.

We have no control over this and that's how it currently works for all non-EU shipments such as when ordering from the USA or China.

Delivery Times

All orders ship with Royal Mail and for most European destinations this is typically a 4 working day service.  Currently delivery times are several weeks due to the ongoing impact of Christmas and Covid19.

We expect delivery times to increase again from January 1st as all the involved countries deal with the new processing for post between our countries.

Our Website

The prices on our website will continue to include UK VAT of 20%.  If you check out with a destination address in the EU you will see a message stating that your basket has been updated and the tax will be removed.

Please Note : This functionality does NOT work with the 'express checkout' options using Google Pay or Apple Pay.  Please use the full checkout to get the correct price!  This is a limitation of the Shopify platform and we hope to see improvements in the future.

Any questions?

Drop us a line.  We'll be happy to help.


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