Everyone is Awesome!

We love this set!  It's simple, colourful, and cute.  And it carries a big message as it was released on June 1st 2021 to celebrate Pride.

The set is 40516 - "Everyone is Awesome".  Designed by LEGO® design lead Matthew Ashton.

We knew immediately we had to have this set, we had to light it up, and we knew exactly how to do it!

The Design

The model itself is pretty simple - a slim base 2 plates high is built 22 studs wide x 16 deep.  A back wall in LGBTQIA+ rainbow colours is built three studs deep.  And the whole base is covered in matching rainbow stripes - mainly with tiles.  Each strip has a single 1x2 plate to fit a Minifigure.

Adding Lights

This is definitely a set where it's easiest to add lights before building!

We decided to replace the 2x1 plates with trans-clear plates so we could light up underneath each Minfigure.

At first we tried using transparent coloured plates, but as the darker colours let less light through this was uneven looking in the end, so we switched to trans-clear instead.

The trans-clear 2x1 plates have a small pin in the middle underneath, and it would have been difficult to fit a Bit Light here, so we used Micro Bit Lights (30cm White) as these are easiest to install in tricky situations.  

As shown here, the Micro Bit Light goes just forward of the studs, and the trans-clear plate fits nicely over the top.

With one done you can see how the rest go!  Follow along and fit all 11 Micro Bit Lights.  Run the wires neatly across the plate - this will make refitting the tiles much easier.

Keeping the wires straight, you can carefully refit all the tiles into place. Make sure not to trap any wires on top of the studs - they should lie neatly in the middle.

As you can see here, we then twisted the wires together to make a neat bundle.

With this in place you can now build the back wall in place.  Or if you are fitting the lights after building, just place the whole wall back on as we did!

Wiring the lights could not be easier - for 11 lights we used an 8 Port Micro Expansion Board and a 4 Port Micro Expansion Board, linked by a 5cm Connecting Cable.

Connect the 11 Micro Bit Lights to the Micro ports on these boards carefully.  We use small tweezers to hold the plug and line it up before pushing it home with a finger nail.

Once done - connect a battery pack or USB plug to one of the spare connectors on the end of the expansion boards and hit the power!


And you're done. Just pop the Minifigures back into place and enjoy.

Components Used

  • 11 x Micro Bit Lights - White 30cm.
  • 1 x 8 Port Micro Expansion Board
  • 1 x 4 Port Micro Expansion Board
  • 1 x 5cm Connecting Cable
  • 1 x AA Battery Pack
  • 11 x LEGO® trans-clear 2x1 plates

The cost for these components as a bundle is £46.99 - we now have this available as a bundle to order so you can recreate this project!


This was a simple project but we think the result is truly delightful.  We hope it inspires you to light up your own LEGO models - whether they're purchased models or MOCs of your own.





Helen Yates

Helen Yates

Couldn’t be happier to see this set back on sale

Kevi P

Kevi P

It’s a shame this kit has been removed because of a group of narrow minded people. They obviously have missed the point of Lego and this set completely. :(



Makes “Everyone is Awesome” even more AWESOME! Well done guys!

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