Getting Friendly in Central Perk

Another day, another blog.

And today we're lighting up Central Perk!

We didn't use the official Light My Bricks kit here - we decided to modify it a bit so went for a slightly simpler approach with this one.

Lighting it up!

The official kit is great, but for our display we wanted to tweak a few things.

The flickering lamp in the back wasn't quite right as this display cabinet is mainly static lights.  So we removed the flicker effects board and just used four White Micro LEDs to light that up.

We also removed the strip light on the inside of the double doors.  It looks good but was a little too bright.

The biggest changes here were the wiring, since without those components we saved on a lot of cables.  The main spotlight on the right connects into a strip light under the main Central Perk window, then a 5cm cable connects to another strip light outside the door.  Then a longer cable wraps around the back.

As you can see, it's neat on the outside.

And it's plenty bright enough.  Here's Phoebe in the Window and EB in the doorway.  Even without the interior light it's well lit.

The official kit also went to a lot of effort to hide the cables.  We don't need to worry in our display, as you'll never see the back...  So a few pieces of sticky tape does nicely!  This also means less wires tucked underneath and between bricks which is always good.  If you know you won't see a section - put the wires there!

The End Result

Of course since we used so many components from the official kit the end result looks pretty similar.  It's well lit and with lots of nice details.  

All the components listed here were from the Light My Bricks "Central Perk" lighting kit.  You can buy the components separately but the kit is by far a more economical option.

We hope you'll see how you can modify your lighting projects - and every piece saved from this model can be used on another since it's all totally modular!

Until next time - happy building!

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