How Big?

Probably the most common question we get here at EB HQ. Aside from 'can I have a discount code' and 'when will my favourite set be back in stock' of course!

How big is this battery pack? Will it fit in my model?

So to help you plan for your custom lighting here's a handy guide to how big our common components are.

Power Packs

  • AA Battery Pack. 7 x 9 studs. 4 Plates high (1 and a 1/3rd Bricks).

  • Flat Battery Pack. 3 x 7 studs. 1 Brick high.

  • Round Battery Pack. Just squeezes into 4 x 4 studs. 2 Bricks high.

  • Micro Battery Pack. 3 x 2 studs. 2 Bricks high.

Expansion Boards

  • 12 Port Board. 1 x 8 studs.

  • 8 Port Board. 1 x 4 studs.

  • 6 Port Board. 1 x 3 studs.

  • 2 Port Board. 1 x 2 studs. Remember the connectors are sideways on this so you need room for the plugs on the sides too.

All the Expansion Boards fit easily in a gap 1 brick high.

Light Strips

  • Normal Light Strip (any colour). 6 x 1 studs.

  • Multi-Colour Light Strip. 6 x 2 studs.

Not much point discussing the height since you wouldn't cover up a light, but for completeness they're about 1 plate high.

Effects Boards

  • Flicker Effects Board. 2 x 2 studs. 1 Brick high.

  • Traffic Light Effects Board. 3 x 3 studs. 1 Brick high.

  • Multi Effects Board. 3 x 4 studs. 5 Plates High (1 and 2/3rds Bricks)

Here's all those sizes laid our for you!

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