Yabba-Dabba-Do - Time to light up Bedrock!

Another fun project for Team EB - we're having a go at lighting up the fabulous little LEGO IDEAS set 21316 - The Flintstones.

There was quite a lot of debate when this set first came out.  It's very different to the original IDEAS design and has lost Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm and Dino.  But even so the end result is still lovely and we grabbed it the moment we could.

A customer recently asked about the possibility of lighting it up.  So here we go!

Here's the official shot from the LEGO website:

Image Copyright The LEGO Group

Note : Image (c) The LEGO Group

The Car

A nice easy one to start with - this car has no headlights or anywhere to put front-facing lights without really ruining the design.  So let's just stick an interior light into the canopy.

The design of the car makes fitting this easy - and using our favourite piece - the 2x2 inverted trans-clear tile to hold it in place it works really well.

The Fireplace

The original fireplace uses a couple of trans-orange 1x1 round plates fitted upon some brown 1x1 round plates.  So we've swapped these for just trans-orange pieces and fitted some white bit lights underneath. To lift them up a bit and make wiring in this cramped space easier, we put a trans-clear 2x1 plate underneath.  Thus we could add the bit lights and insert the whole unit into the fireplace space.

The bit lights are then connected to a flicker effects board.  Even though the fire is rather hidden behind the sofa the flickering orange glow is rather nice.

The Lamp

This was probably the trickiest part of the design.  This lamp looks nice but the body of the lamp is a single white 3x3 Cone piece.  Hard to add any decent lighting to that.  We settled for inserting a single bit light up into it facing down.  This gives a pretty good effect but only best when viewed on the side with the light installed.  We could have added two more to make it more even, but felt that was overkill on such a small set.

The Ceiling

This was added at the end - the fireplace and lamp are nice but the room was a little dark.  So we've grabbed our favourite 2x2 Inverted Trans-Clear Tiles and fitted a single warm white Bit Light to the ceiling.  This is all the way to the right to fit over the TV, mainly so as not to drown out the fireplace light.

The cable was easy to hide down the outside wall between the chimney stack and the curved wall section.

Bringing it all together

So that's all the lights fitted - now we just need to connect it up and see how to make it look nice.

Here's the circuit diagram showing how it's all connected.

As you can see it's nice and simple.

There's no real need to try and hide all the components as this is designed as a display piece.  Which-ever way around you show it, it's easy to hide the battery pack and boards behind the set.  You may want to consider using longer cables in some cases to allow more flexibility there.

We're routing all the cables from the house out by the chimney which works really well:

Here's how it all looks now:


The only real compromise here was the roof - which is now tethered to the body and can't easily be removed.  You could say the same about the car, but it's not really an issue on a nice long wire.

We considered adding a light to the Television but the nice printed image would have been lost if we wanted the screen to glow.  Maybe you could add a bit light underneath to show the glow from the screen?  Otherwise a custom printed trans-clear tile and a bit of rebuilding to fit a light behind could be done.

The final thought we'll leave you with is that you could add a front door light.  This would not be hard to achieve in a similar way to our ceiling light, but fitted under the roof overhang at the front.

Parts Used

This project used the following components:

  • 1 x AA Battery Pack
  • 2 x 30cm White Bit Lights
  • 3 x 15cm White Bit Lights
  • 1 x 6 Port Expansion Board
  • 1 x 5cm Connecting Cable
  • 1 x Flicker Effects Board

The End Result

Video Demonstration

That's it for this project - we hope you enjoyed the techniques shown here and the end result.  If you tackle this or anything similar do please share the results with us - we love to see what people come up with.

Until next time!

Elegant Bricks



Elegant Bricks

Elegant Bricks

Hi Sue! We don’t have this as a full kit – it was just a demonstration of how it could be done. If you’d like to buy all the individual parts we used on this I can happily bundle that up for you. I’ll drop you a direct email now.

Sue Rasmussen

Sue Rasmussen

how can I purchase the light kit for the Flintstones lego set?

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