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Lighting up Disney

We've had a lot of fun at EBHQ this week.

Our main lighting kits from Light My Bricks focus on the larger sets loved by AFOLs. And with good reason. But there's no reason why we can't light up some smaller play sets too!

We are always looking to expand our range with some more custom parts to help you light up your LEGO®. So to show this off we needed to build a suitable scene.

Enter Oliver with some small assistants and after a few hours to find the 646 pieces needed we now have the LEGO® "Cinderella's Romantic Castle" model - set 41055.

LEGO set 41055 - Cinderella's Romantic Castle

We're not planning a packaged set for this model - but it's great to light up something a bit different to show how it's done. The techniques shown here can of course apply to any commercial model or MOC.

Here's how our model looks without lights.

We added the following parts to this model:

Let's take a quick tour.

1) Custom Torches

These two torches are designed to be clipped to the wall so are a nice and simple replacement for the originals (which had a 1x1 Trans Orange Cone instead of a flame at the top)

2) Custom Candle

This candle might not be the safest next to the bed but looks nice here and is also visible through the window from the front.

3) Fireplace Light

The parts here are the originals - a 1x1 Cone in Trans Orange and a Trans Orange flame piece. The Bit Light is trapped under the cone facing upwards. A red Bit Light would work well here too. This light flickers nicely thanks to the Flicker Effects board.

4) Main Hall Ceiling Light
Here you can see a 2x2 Rounded piece used to hold a bit light to the ceiling. For ceiling lights you could also use a White Strip Light, however they have two bright LEDs which may be too much for a smaller model like this. These rounded pieces fit easily to the underside of plates and even look rather like round ceiling lights too.

You can also see here the use of a 2x1 plate to hold wires out of sight on the ceiling - use these liberally if needed.

With these components fitted there's only one thing left to do - hide the wires and battery pack!

This set has only one place we could do this - the treasure room. A small sacrifice. The flicker effects board is there too - not easily visible behind the wires.

To hook all this up there's only one important detail - how to best use the flicker effects board.

This board has three outputs, which flicker at a different speed. So we just have to ensure that where lights are visible together these are hooked up to different ports. We have four flickering lights (2 x Torches, 1 x Candle, 1 x Fireplace) so need an expansion board.

Here's the wiring diagram for this.

Because the front Torch and the Candle are not seen together it's fine to share a port on the Flicker Effects Board.

With all this done - here's the result in video form:

Front view

Rear view


We hope you've enjoyed this demonstration of lighting up a model using our lighting components.

Please comment below with your thoughts or questions!



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Lighting up Disney