Marvelous Loki

Just for a bit of fun we have started posting Marvelous Friday images to Instagram.  So when we do it's only fair to also show how we made the photos!

So here's the first - Marvelous Loki.

He was a perfect candidate for this since he's known to wield the Chitauri Sceptre and the Tesseract with the blue Infinity Stone within.

Since they glow blue in the movies who are we to argue?

The Tesseract

Making a minifigure scale Tesseract was never going to be that easy - how do you make a cube?  I never found a way but two 1x1 plates on top of each other is pretty close.

I tried with a 1x1 tile on top, but that leaves no room for the LED.  And three together is way too tall. So we have a proper LEGO Tesseract with a proper LEGO stud on top!

Otherwise this couldn't be easier - trap one of our Bit Lights between the two 1x1 pieces and the job's done.

After photographing this project I later thought up a better way - gluing the Bit Light underneath the 1x1 trans-blue piece works even better. I use transparent UHU type glue which is permanent and clear when set. The light is now more central inside the Tesseract and it doesn't interfere with Loki holding onto it.  Ah well.  I used that version for this blog's cover image instead!

The Sceptre

This was a little more tricky.  The best I could find was part 93252 - Pharaoh's Staff with Forked End.  It's not perfect but it's close.

I carefully cut down the length and remove one of the curved pieces from the top using a craft knife.  

Then to fit the light I had to drill out the hole a little.  Without doing this the LED would have left no room for the gem to be fitted.

Finally to allow the cables out discretely I made a tiny hole through the side of the sceptre.

The LED had to be soldered in place and modified to fit the tiny hole - even smaller than our usual fittings!

The end result however is pretty good.  The plastic staff lets some light bleed through but the light is facing up into the gem and does a good job of lighting it up completely.


Apologies to anyone upset at me cutting up genuine LEGO parts!  I normally try to buy 3rd party versions for such dissection however I could not find a suitable sceptre without waiting a month for Aliexpress to deliver one!

Another Footnote

Here's that photo with the improved Tesseract - I realise viewers on mobile phones can't see the main image on this blog post!


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