Rob's Airport Rescue

This was a great project helping a customer with the LEGO Technic Airport Rescue vehicle set 42068

Powered by LEGO Power Functions and with lots of static and flashing lights.  We suggested to use a Multi Effects board to power the flashing effects to give full control over the sequence and speed - and each output of the effects board is connected to a big 12 port expansion board so lots of lights could share the effect.  As long as you spread the lights around this works really well.

Elegant Bricks advised on how to light it up and tested some of the options before shipping the parts to the customer. 

And then Rob did an amazing job - tweaking and changing the design as he went to come up with something pretty special.

Thanks Rob for the fantastic professional photos too!

The Product

Suggesting how to fit lights

Sample Circuit Diagram

Discussing Designs by Email

Hiding the wiring inside

The Finished Product

Guest projects

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Hi Oliver,
Thanks for the nice blog !
It was a great pleasure to work with you on this model.
I have another model powered with your lights… the Ocean Explorer. I will send some pictures to you.
kind regards, Rob

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