The Bit Light Range

We were very excited to see the bit light range expand again this month so let's have a look at the different types available.

We enlisted some reptilian assistants and set up our three main types - Classic Bit Lights, Micro Bit Lights and Jumbo Bit Lights.  The difference is, well, illuminating!

Check out the strength of the shadows in this example:

The Classic Bit Light

These miniature marvels are our traditional miniature light and come with the most options.  They're just 4mm in diameter with a built in resistor and provide a good strong light - not too bright and not too dim - suitable for all sorts of lighting projects.

Available colours are ever increasing but you can now have:

  • Warm White
  • Cool White
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

White and Red are available in a flashing version - these blink on and off just under twice a second.  Most are available in 30cm lengths with White and Flashing White also available in 15cm lengths.

The Micro Bit Light

A new addition to the range - these are a game changer.  The wires are like gossamer and can fit between Lego pieces with no sign they're there.  And the LED on the end is microscopic and barely fatter than the wires.

Unlike classic Bit Lights, these are also pretty much omnidirectional - the light shines all round from the tiny LED at the tip. 

They're as bright as our classic Bit Lights too, despite their size.  In some installations they may not look it though, as the light can go all round and not be focused in one direction.  This makes them extremely flexible.

They're perfect for lighting up tiny corners and illuminated signs, these can fit into the smallest of Lego pieces

Most important to remember is that these have a unique plug on them - because they're so tiny there's no room for the mandatory resistor, so there's a special adaptor board which connects them to our standard plugs for power.  This board has a 4 micro ports with 4 resistors to protect them.  It also has a standard connector at each end, so they can be daisy-chained together just like strip lights.  Very handy.

Now available in White, Blue, Red or Green with a 15cm wire on them.

The JUMBO Bit Light

And finally our newest addition - this beast was used to great effect recently in the Friends Central Perk set to provide powerful spotlights as well as the Harley Davidson where just one of these makes the headlight come to life.

The Jumbo Bit Light uses a much larger and more powerful LED but still squeezed onto our signature 4mm plate.  These use standard connectors and still fit under all the normal Lego bricks just like a standard Bit Light.

The light they give out however is several times brighter and great when you need a bit of oomph!

These aren't yet available as a separate component to order but we hope to have them available soon.

How big are they really?

The Classic Bit Lights and Jumbo Bit Lights both use a tiny 4mm circuit board to hold the LED and the protective resistor.  Our Micro Bit Lights are about 1mm across at the tip.

Here's a handy comparison next to a standard 1x1 round stud.  (And yes, it's a genuine Lego brick - the logo is there it just really doesn't show in this photo!)

What about the rest?

There are a few special editions as well as these - the Rotating Bit Light for example.  And we have other Bit Lights in our RGB range but they're covered in a separate blog as the RGB range is quite different.


We hope this helps guide you to the perfect bit light for your lighting project - as ever if you have any questions or need us to advise just get in touch.  We don't bite and are always happy to help.

Until next time - happy building!

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