The Eyes Have It
Here's a fun little technique.
I was talking to a customer recently about lighting up the LEGO Ideas model of Wall-E (Set 21303).
It's a lovely little model and has a couple of obvious parts where we can light it up. The eyes especially. In the movie Wall-E's eyes are a major part of how he communicates emotions.
The model uses a 3x3 Radar dish, a round 1x1 stud, and an inverted 2x2 curved tile to build the eyes.
Here's how they look:
With a black piece as the iris they don't lend themselves very well to lighting them up.
Or do they?
I don't have this set so mocked it up with pieces to hand. I replaced the 1x1 round stud with a trans clear piece and threaded a white bit light through the hole in the dish. I stuck the LED in place with a little blu-tak and re-assembled the eye.
And here's how they look when lit up:

We think this is pretty cool. Keeping these bright LEDS hidden provides a great lighting effect without being too dazzling.
Next up : let's try this with RGB LEDs intead!
Until next time - happy building!
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Mike Rush

Mike Rush

That does look cool. Could you put the bit light inside the clear piece? I imagine there would be space, especially as there isn’t another stud plugging in behind it. It might afford a more even light all round?

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