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Our Power Functions Cable allows you to power Light My Bricks components using the LEGO® Power Functions Power Pack (Power Functions 1.0)


Please note that these cables are not suitable for remote control using the Power Functions IR Controller. You can power the lights from a Power Functions battery pack, but not turn them on and off with the IR module.

They have however been tested successfully with an SBRICK bluetooth control module.  So for full remote-control-ability head over to Techbrick UK and check out the SBrick!

This cable is only compatible with the older LEGO Power Functions system (Power Functions 1.0). The cable contains a step down transformer to convert the voltage from the LEGO Power Functions battery box (7.4-9V output) to 5 Volts.

 This power functions cable is only compatible with LEGO 9V battery packs models 88000, 8881, and 84559 (rechargeable 7.4v 2009-2013) . It is NOT compatible with LEGO rechargeable battery pack model 8878 (7.4V output 2013-current)

Light My Bricks LEGO® Lighting Components provide an easy DIY way for LEGO® fans to customize their models using LED lights.

All our components are plug and play - no electronics knowledge needed!

User Guide
Our User Guide is a great resource that outlines proper component handling and installation with LEGO® models.

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