75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon - Engine Lights Upgrade

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Please note : this is an upgrade for the main Light My Bricks lighting kit

This REQUIRES the Light My Bricks lighting kit for the UCS Millennium Falcon!  This kit does not contain the power or cabling components required to be used on its own.  If you don't have the main lighting kit and just want to light up the engine then we have a standalone engine lights kit too!

We recently experimented with upgrading our popular UCS Millennium Falcon lighting kit.  As a result we've been asked to provide the parts we used - so here we are!

Please have a look at our blog article HERE for details.

Detailed installation instructions for this kit are available in our Help & Guides section HERE.

As the parts required for this upgrade aren't available in the quantities needed without buying un-necessary extras we're offering this kit as a convenience - and at a significant cost saving too!

This kit contains:

  • 6 x Blue Strip Lights

  • 7 x 5cm Connecting Cables

  • 1 x Multi Effects Board

With this kit you can add blue lights alongside our standard white lights in the rear engine strip.  The effects board allows them to pulse and glow beautifully. 

EB Exclusives

This is an EB Exclusive kit!

These kits are made and distributed solely by Elegant Bricks.

We use nothing but genuine LEGO® brand bricks and components, plus the fabulous lighting system from Light My Bricks.

You won't find these kits anywhere else!

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