Powering the Winter Holiday Train

It's that time of year - and it's a perfect time to light up your Christmas LEGO sets.
I'm sorry - did I say Christmas?  I meant "Winter Village" of course!

The Winter Holiday Train is most definitely a part of this range and it's a perfect candidate for adding festive lighting.

We have a beautiful lighting kit - and it is available in Power Functions or Powered Up editions.  But what if you don't have a motor and battery pack yet?

We've scoured the web to find the best advice and guides available on how to power up your Winter Holiday Train, and then you can take full advantage of our beautiful lighting kit!

The Big Decision

First up - are you going with Power Functions - the long running standard system from LEGO.  Or the newer Powered Up?

There's no right answer - it depends on what you want.

Power Functions has been around for years, and you'll find plenty of the components second hand and even new but on the secondary market (i.e. BrickLink, BrickOwl, eBay etc.)

Powered Up is new and shiny.  It has a bluetooth chip in the battery box and can be remote controlled by your mobile phone or a special new handheld controller.  It's very nifty and has two outputs on the battery box too.  It's also more expensive.

Power Functions

This is the classic option and the instructions for the Winter Holiday Train include details on how to add these components in typical LEGO step-by-step fashion.

On the LEGO website itself you'll see the parts needed:

88002 - LEGO Train Motor

88000 - LEGO AAA Battery Pack

8879 - IR Speed Remote Control

8884 - IR Receiver

The last two are OPTIONAL.  You can turn the train on and off just fine using the battery box, but adding the IR module and remote control means you can control the SPEED and run it remotely which is very cool.

As shown below, the RRP for these parts is £46.47 + shipping.  

Get these parts, follow the instructions and you'll be all set to add our Power Functions kit!

If you get these parts, the official LEGO instructions will show how to fit them.  
We also found this awesome speed build video which shows the whole train being built, and then the Power Functions upgrade at the end.  It really brings it to life.  Here's where the Power Functions upgrade starts.

Powered Up

This is where we deviate from the instructions!  The Powered Up version is even easier to fit, as there's no Infra Red module.

To run the train with Powered Up you'll need:

  • 88011 Train Motor
  • 88009 Hub / Battery Box
  • 88010 Remote Control (Optional)

And that's it.

It's not all rosy though - the electronics in The Hub make this more expensive - all three parts will set you back £77.97 from LEGO direct.  Or £57.98 if you want to use your mobile to control the train.

Realistically you should be fine following the instructions to get this version working.  We've found a great video guide - although it is in German it's still quite clear. You can have really really bad subtitles auto generated by YouTube if you like!  

Final Option

If you don't want to motorise your Winter Holiday Train - just drop us a line.  We can provide a suitable battery pack for you, or even a USB cable if you want to run it from the mains and not move it too much!  Anything is possible with this amazing lighting system.

We hope you found this guide helpful - if you think we can make it better please let us know!

Until next time,

Elegant Bricks


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