These are the installation instructions for EBS191 - the Elegant Exclusive Lighting Kit for LEGO® Christmas Tree set 40338.

This is the 2020 Edition, labelled v2 on the packaging.

If you purchased the original design please check our blog for installation guidance.  It's distinctly different, and you can identify it easily as that version came with a long 12 port expansion board which is not found in this kit.

First off - go check out our user guide!  It has good tips on safe handling of these tiny LED components.

Getting Started

Now, before we start - check you have everything you need.

​These sets come with the following parts:

Flashing Version

  • 12 x 15cm Flashing White Micro Bit Lights
  • 3 x 15cm White Bit Lights
  • 2 x 15cm Flashing White Bit Lights
  • 3 x Micro Expansion Board (4 ports)
  • 1 x 6 Port Expansion Board
  • 1 x 2 Port Expansion Board
  • 3 x 5cm Connecting Cable
  • 1 x 30cm Connecting Cable
  • 1 x AA Battery Pack (requires 3 x AA batteries)
  • 7 x White 1x1 round LEGO® plates with open stud
  • 4 x Reddish Brown 1x1 round LEGO® plates
  • 1 x Clear 1x1 round LEGO® plate

Static Version

  • 12 x 15cm White Micro Bit Lights
  • 5 x 15cm White Bit Lights
  • 3 x Micro Expansion Board (4 ports)
  • 1 x 6 Port Expansion Board
  • 1 x 2 Port Expansion Board
  • 3 x 5cm Connecting Cable
  • 1 x 30cm Connecting Cable
  • 1 x AA Battery Pack (requires 3 x AA batteries)
  • 7 x White 1x1 round LEGO® plates with open stud
  • 4 x Reddish Brown 1x1 round LEGO® plates
  • 1 x Clear 1x1 round LEGO® plate

 ​And of course you'll need LEGO® set 40338 - the Christmas Tree! .


This model is quite unique and is built in layers.  Like an Ogre.  

There are three 'large' layers, 2 'medium' and 2 'small'.  The top-most small layer has the pointy tip and the star connected to it.

First we will deconstruct the layers and take out the rotating mechanism - we can't rotate the top section with the wires inside, so we'll fix that in place.

Then we start at the bottom and add lights and connecting boards all the way up the centre as we go.  Finally we'll add the light to the star on top.

Note that this model comes with a variety of round baubles and jewels, and we'll light up a total of 14 of those.  It doesn't really matter which colour bauble or jewel goes in which spot, and our instructions might not precisely match the original LEGO design.  Go with whatever looks good to you!

The jewels need an extra piece - a round 1x1 plate with an open stud.  This allows us to trap the LED underneath and still hold the jewel snugly in place.  

Tucking all the excess wires into the centre of the model can be tricky - we recommend thin tweezers for this.  You can more easily grab a single wire and push it down into the model with tweezers.

The wiring

Before we start - here's a quick look at the wiring so you can see what goes where.


Step 1

First let's break it down a bit!

Take the completed model and pull the top section up - the whole round shaft should come out with it.

Remove the 2x2 round shaft and set it aside - we won't need this again.

Also remove the four 2x2 banana pieces from the top layer.

Take the supplied four 1x1 Reddish Brown round plates and fit them as shown.

 Step 2

Now gently separate the layers.  If any of the brown studs end up attached to the underside of a piece just remove them and replace them on the top of the piece below.

Remove one of the two round yellow 2x2 bricks from the base.  Leave the bottom one - this helps stablise the model.

Take the bottom layer - the one with the red side attachments - and flip it over.

Take off the four pearl-gold banana bricks.  We'll put those back shortly.

Then pop off those red 2x2 round tiles - we won't need these again.

In their place we'll put a clear-trans piece of the same type, and trap a 15cm White Bit Light (non flashing) in there.  Make sure the yellow LED is facing up as shown.

Run the wires straight to the middle and through the hole.

Step 3

With the LEDs in place, carefully replace the four pearl-gold banana bricks trapping the wires against the white plates.

Flip the piece back over and reconnect it with the base.

Now grab a 6 Port Expansion Board.  Connect to it the two wires from the Bit Lights you just installed.

Also connect two more 15cm bit lights - these would be flashing ones if you purchased the flashing version of this kit.

Then connect a 30cm connecting cable.

Leave all the wires out of the way and let's fit lights into the baubles at the side on the bottom level.

First, use a brick separator and lift up the Green 2x3 plates on either side as shown.  You may need to remove those pearl gold flowers to make this easier, but put them back when you're done.

NOTE : cable colours may vary!  Light My Bricks cables were red and black for Bit Lights and Black for connecting cables.  The colours of the cables and the connectors are all slowly moving to darker shades to help hide them on your models.  Don't worry if these photos show different colours!


Step 4

Grab one of those 15cm Bit Lights and position it carefully over the pearl gold flower.  Place a bauble on top, taking care not to trap the cable too tight.  It helps to push the LED end up into the hole in the bauble first, ensuring there is extra cable inside the ball.

Once done, ensure the wire is neatly laid back to the middle and between the studs, and replace the Green 2x3 plate.

Repeat this for the other side (not shown).

Now we move onto the front bauble, and the first of our Micro Bit Lights!

Remove the Green 2x3 Plate as before (removing the Pearl Gold flower if needed) so it looks as shown.

Step 5

Take a Micro Expansion Board (4 port) and carefully connect four Micro Bit Lights (flashing ones if you have that kit).

Use a 5cm Connecting Cable to link the Micro Expansion Board to the existing 6 Port Expansion Board.

Hold the 6 Port Expansion Board close to the central hole and twist all those excess wires together as shown.  Fold the bundle in half and tuck it down into the hole with the 6 Port Board along side.  There's plenty of room - try to be neat to avoid any loose wires!

That done, take the first Micro Bit Light (the one closest to the 5cm cable) and position it carefully over the Pearl Gold Flower piece. 

Place the Bauble over the top and carefully trap the LED inside.  Align the wire neatly back towards the centre, between the studs.

Then replace the Green 2x3 Plate.

STOP HERE : The 30cm Connecting cable should be left to run out the rear of the model.  Hook it up to the AA battery pack now, using the 2 Port Expansion Board.  This should show the lights fitted so far are working.

If there's any issue, go back through the steps and refer to our Troubleshooting guide if needed.

As you build up the layers, ensure the 30cm cable runs neatly from this bottom layer - that way it won't interfere with the free movement of the train set underneath.

Step 6

Now take a breath - from here it's pretty easy.  We're just going to repeat this process moving slowly up the tree.

In total there are THREE 4 Port Micro Expansion Boards with TWELVE micro bit lights connected.  We just used the first one!

Here's a quick overview:

Tree Level


Top The Star!  One Bit Light (normal Bit Light - not Micro)
7 1 Micro Bit Light
6 Nothing!
5 3 Micro Bit Lights
4 2 Micro Bit Lights
3 3 Micro Bit Lights
2 2 Micro Bit Lights
1 2 Bit Lights and 1 Micro Bit Light
 Train Set Two Bit Lights

At each level you must take the same steps:

  • Tidy cables from existing lights
  • Gently push existing (fitted) wires DOWN into the central hole below.
  • Carefully push all the unused Expansion Boards and LEDs UP through the hole into the level above
  • Secure the new level into place
  • Start fitting the lights to the new level. 

For each decoration follow the same logic to install the lights:

  • For a BAUBLE - put the LED between the Pearl Gold flower and the bauble.  You can push the LED up into the bauble and then lower it into place as this is a little easier and safer for the LED.
  • For JEWELS - place the LED over the green stud and fit a White 1x1 Round Plate on top.  Check it's working, and gently insert the jewel into the stud.  Don't push it down too hard or you may hit the LED underneath.

When fitting each light, or refitting the green plates, we recommend gently holding the WHOLE layer in place, as pushing one side tends to make the opposite side lift up and fall off!



Step 7

 OK we're nearly at the top so let's take stock. 

This is the level that previously had gold banana tiles fitted for the rotating mechanism, and we replaced those with brown studs.  There's no lights on this level.

The final Micro Expansion Board should have one Micro Bit Light left unused, and the normal size connector on the end is free.

Remove the star assembly from the final section (Hint : push your finger up the middle from underneath and it pops off quite easily!) and lower it onto the model, pushing the last Micro Bit Light up through the middle as usual.

Fit the final Jewel using a White 1x1 Round Plate.  Not there's no green plates to replace this time.

Now move on to the Star and let's break that down as shown.

Step 8

Take the final 15cm White Bit Light and place it into the socket on the BACK of the star.

Gently secure this in place using the Clear-Trans 1x1 Round Plate provided.

Thread the plug end of the wire through the tip of the green cone and carefully push the connector on the star into the cone.  There's just enough space for both to fit as shown.

Step 9

Place the cone back onto the Green 2x2 Plate.

Run the cable down the back of this section, and secure in place with the 2x2 plate removed earlier.  As shown, you can barely see the wire and this is at the back of the tree anyway.

Now the final step.  You need to connect the LED to the end socket on the Micro Expansion Board, then lower the top into place with all the wiring hidden inside.

That's it!

Your tree should look almost exactly as before with no visible wiring except the single black wire out the rear. 

Flip the switch and enjoy.

​Questions / Comments / Need help?

Check out our User Guide and Troubleshooting sections. 

Or get in touch - we're always happy to help.