Frames and Cases

Once you have your favourite LEGO lit up it's time to take it to the next level with fantastic display frames, stands and cases.

For your Minifig collection we will soon be stocking the beautiful light up Minifig frames from Light My Bricks,

For everything else we highly recommend the stunning display cases and stands made in the UK by our friends at iDisplayIt.

Minifig Frames

New from Light My Bricks!  Each frame has built in Light My Bricks power connectors, RGB remote controlled background lighting and can be battery or USB powered. 

Made with solid wood and strong acrylic inserts these are the best quality light up frames we've ever seen.

We haven't managed to get our hands on them as shipping in volume is a challenge, so for now head on over to Light My Bricks to get yourself one!  

Make sure to consider the UK VAT and Import Duty you'll pay on international orders though.

Display Cases

Manufactured in the UK by our friends at iDisplayit and available for shipping worldwide from their specialist online store.

Protect and display your LEGO models in beautiful and strong acrylic cases.  Available for a huge range of LEGO models from the smallest to the very, very biggest!

These cases are held together with a unique screw system rather than glued joints meaning every edge is smooth and polished and the case is rock solid.

As a result your LEGO will be safe and protected from dust, cats and more! *

* please note nothing can protect your LEGO from small children!

Stunning Display Stands

Show off your cars taking a corner at speed or an x-wing swooping low over the surface of the Death Star.  

These awesome laser cut acrylic stands hold your LEGO securely and at a perfect angle to show them in motion!

Check out the full range now.