Display Cases and Stands

We don't stock cases and stands but we do love them!

A quality acrylic case is the perfect complement for our lights and turns your LEGO® into a truly stunning display piece.

We are happy to recommend UK manufacturers iDisplayIt who make a fantastic range of frames, cases and stands designed specifically for LEGO®.

Display Cases

Manufactured in the UK by our friends at iDisplayit and available for shipping worldwide from their specialist online store.

Protect and display your LEGO® models in beautiful and strong acrylic cases.  Available for a huge range of LEGO® models from the smallest to the very, very biggest!

These cases are held together with a unique screw system rather than glued joints meaning every edge is smooth and polished and the case is rock solid.

As a result your LEGO® will be safe and protected from dust, cats and more!

(please note nothing can protect your LEGO® from small children!)

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Stunning Display Stands

Show off your cars taking a corner at speed or an x-wing swooping low over the surface of the Death Star.  

These awesome laser cut acrylic stands hold your LEGO® securely and at a perfect angle to show them in motion!

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