Before we start - check you have everything you need.

Set EBS106 comes with the following parts:

  • 2 x Custom Dalek eyestalks (if the blue and black LEGO® pieces have fallen off in transit then just pop them back on the end)

  • 1 x 6 port Expansion Board

  • 1 x Flat battery pack

You'll need to buy 2 x CR2032 Batteries.  They're one of the most common 'button cell' type batteries so should easy to find!

    In addition you really need the Daleks themselves, which come with LEGO® set 21304.

    Let's get cracking!

    1) Grab your first Dalek.

    2) Take off the head unit, the gold wedge piece, and the side of the body.

    3) Take apart the head unit as shown.


    4) Grab your first custom Dalek eye stalk component.  Thread the power connector down through the base of the Dalek's head part.

    5) Connect the eyestalk to the base of the head then replace the top of the head.

    6) Place the head onto the Dalek's body with the wires coming out the side as shown.  Push down firmly to ensure the head is secure and the wires are trapped.

    7) Holding the wires vertically to the side of the body, replace the gold wedge piece.

    8) Replace the side panel leaving the wires routing out the back of the Dalek.

    Your Dalek is now complete - repeat these steps for the other Dalek!

    9) Grab your flat battery pack and the 6 port expansion board.

    10) Connect the battery pack and two Dalek light wires to the expansion board.  It doesn't matter which ports you connect to.

    11) Insert the batteries to the battery pack.

    NOTE : Make sure the two batteries are inserted correctly.  One face up and one face down.

    And we're all done!  Flip the switch to power up your Dalek team.​

    All together now - EXTERMINATE!


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