Before we start - check you have everything you need.

This set comes with the following parts:

  • 6 x Blue Strip Lights
  • 7 x 5cm Connecting Cables
  • 1 x Multi Effects Board

And of course you'll need LEGO® set 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon and the main lighting kit.

1. Start the main light installation.

This kit is best fitted part way through installing the main lighting kit.

We recommend reading through these instructions in full before you install the main kit, so you can see how the two go together.

Following the Light My Bricks instructions HERE up to step 8, though we recommend removing the blue piping and the connecting blocks which support it. This makes installation easier.

2. Connect up the Blue LED Light Strips.

Just as you've just done for the white light strips, connect up the 6 Blue light strips with 6 x 5cm connecting cables. One will be left at the end as shown.

Starting on the right (as you look at the rear of the Falcon) fit the first Blue LED Light strip. This is the one at the end of the chain with no cable attached to one end.

Remove the backing from the sticky backed strip and stick the light in parallel to the white light. The exact positioning doesn't matter too much here.

Continue along sticking down the Blue LED Light strips alongside the white ones.

3. Hook up the Effects Board

Once you get to the end, it's time to hook up the board.

Find the cable from the White Light Strips to the 12 Port Expansion Board. It should be obvious as the only black cable at this end of the board.

Disconnect that cable.

Connect the cable you just removed, plus the loose cable at the end of the Blue LED Light Strips, to the Multi Effects Board as shown. It doesn't matter which goes into which port so long as they are connected to the two ports which are together.

Then take the last 5cm connecting cable and connect it from the multi-effects board as shown below and to the 12 Port Expansion Board.

4. Time to Test!

That's it for this part of the build.

Hook up the AA Battery Pack as described in Step 9 of the Light My Bricks instructions and turn it on.

To achieve the lighting effect shown here we used the board with the slider all the way to the right when the two connectors are at the top. This is shown in the photo above. The dial is turned all the way counter-clockwise - this is the slowest setting.

But do play with the other settings. The middle position on the slider is a flicker effect used for police car flashers which isn't quite right here, but the third position on fast is quite cool.

5. Continue the build.

If you're fitting these lights during the build - carry on!

If you're retro-fitting these then time to close her up. Replace the blue tubing components at the rear and put the top hull plates back on. You're good to go.

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