Before we start - check you have everything you need.

​These sets come with the following parts:

  • 8 x White 15cm Flashing Bit Lights
  • 1 x White Strip Light
  • 1 x 12-Port Expansion Board
  • 2 x 15cm Connecting Cables
  • 1 x Micro Battery Pack with LR44 Batteries
  • 8 x Trans-Red 1x1 LEGO® studs

​And of course you'll need LEGO® set 21306 - The Yellow Submarine!


Lighting the Portholes

First we take apart that cabin roof piece - it's easy to get the porthole bricks out.

First remove the red pieces on each porthole.

Then we just fit the bit lights through. As usual we run the power connector in from the front and pull the cable though - leaving the bit light trapped on the front since it won't fit through the hole.

We can't use the flat round 1x1 Trans Red Tiles provided so have to swap these for 1x1 round plates instead. They have a bit more space inside for this kind of use.

Repeat this for all 8 port hole lights.
This will leave a nice mess of cables facing into the body of the submarine.

Lighting the Underneath

This one should be nice and easy - to get an ambient glow you just need to mount a strip light underneath and hide the cables.

The two 2x2 trans clear support posts aren't quite far enough apart to fit a light strip so move those to 6 studs apart as shown below.

Dismantling the end to fit the cable should be quite straightforward. Remove the upper section to reveal that odd hollow compartment, remove the red arch too, and there's two 2x2 L-shaped plates. Those come off and then you can get to the 2x6 curved piece and that nice quarter-round piece underneath. It's easier done than described!

Once done you can see a clear path to get the cable to the inside chamber.

You'll need to carefully hold the cables clear of the studs when re-attaching the hull pieces:

But the end result is pretty neat now - the cable is barely visible and hidden to the rear anyway.

Bringing it all together

Fit the battery pack into that lovely space behind the cabin and attach the 15cm cable from the strip light underneath.
Then add the second 15cm cable and feed that through to the main cabin as shown below. 
Connect the 12 port Expansion Board to this cable so we can power all those porthole lights.

Then re-fit the red and white pieces to trap the cables neatly and and braid all those bit light wires together into two bundles as shown below. 

Connect the 8 Porthole lights to the 12 port board as neatly as possible.

Finally the top goes on and the battery pack is positioned with the on/off switch facing upwards for easy access.

Wiring Diagram

End Result

And here we are - this is what you should have at the end! 

For ​more images and guidance check out our blog post on this project!

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