This is the instructions for our V2 kit - new in 2021! 

The V1 was released before Light My Bricks created their Micro Bit Lights, and they made this model much easier to wire.  If your Elegant Bricks kit contains an 8 Port Micro Expansion Board (which has 8 Micro ports and 2 normal ports) then this is the instructions for you!

Before we start - check you have everything you need.

​These sets come with the following parts:

  • 8 x 15cm White Micro Bit Lights
  • 4 x 15cm White Bit Lights
  • 3 x Warm White Strip Lights
  • 4 x 5cm Connecting Cables
  • 1 x 30cm Connecting Cable
  • 1 x 8-Port Expansion Board
  • 1 x 2-Port Expansion Board
  • 8 x LEGO® 1x1 Round Studs in Trans-Clear

And either:

  • 1 x USB Adaptor (standard)
  • 1 x AA Battery Pack (optional)

​And of course you'll need LEGO® set 21037 - The LEGO House!


OK - here's how it looks when you've finished building this model...


First let's remove the roof module and set it aside.  We'll do that bit later.

The flip the model upside down - we need to get some power into the body of the building.

Carefully break off a section of the rear base plate - it doesn't matter too much which black plates come off but get that 4x12 DBG plate off!

Take the 30cm connecting cable and connect the 8 port expansion board to the end.  Feed that end into the house through the base. 

Flip it over and make sure you have a little slack - the 8 port board should sit happily in the middle of the floor with enough cable so you can lift it by a cm or two to make wiring easy.

Then replace that base section, making sure the cable goes between the studs.

Here's the cable coming out neatly from the rear of the model now:

 Now we're going to add the first three 15cm White Bit Lights.  They're numbered 1, 2 and 3 here:

Bit Light 1

Carefully lift off the dark green and pale yellow building modules as shown.

Note : ignore the 12 port board shown here - this was an early photo!

Then grab the staircase block by the front and back and lift.  This will reveal the Light Bluish Grey 1x4 plate which will get our first light.

Place the Bit Light facing up between the two centre studs and reassemble as shown.

The replace the 1x4 and carefully fit the Yellow staircase module back into place, trapping the cable between the studs.

Replace the Dark Green and Pale Yellow roof blocks and we move onto number 2!

Bit Light 2

Carefully lift off the bright orange module at the front left of the model. When you lift it remember one piece underneath won't lift up because it's stuck to the lower building!

Flip it over and remove the white 1x4 and the clear-trans 1x1.  Add the 15cm White Bit Light where the clear-trans 1x1 was and replace that piece.  It should now look as shown:

Replace the white 1x4 and carefully put this module back onto the model.

Bit Light 3

Lift off the Dark Red roof module at the front-right of the model.

This one is a beauty with a helpful clear-trans 2x2 brick in the centre!  Dismantle this as shown here:

Insert a 15cm White Bit Light through the gap at the bottom and position it in the middle, then reassemble.

Strip Lights

This step is pretty straightforward and there's not much accuracy needed.  Simply remove the adhesive tape backing on the three strip lights and poke them into the ground floor rooms as shown here. 

You may find it easier to attach a single 5cm connecting cable to each before you start sticking them down.

Test it!

Let's take a break and wire up the three Strip Lights and three Bit Lights to our 8 port expansion board.  Connect your power supply (Battery or USB) to the 30cm cable sticking out the rear, using the 2 Port Expansion Board to connect the cables. And turn on the power.

Hopefully at this point you'll see the rooms lit up nicely.  If not go back to basics, remove all six lights from the 8 port board, and troubleshoot one light at a time.

If you find nothing works and the battery starts getting hot then turn off the power - there must be a short circuit.  This can happen due to a trapped wire being squeezed too tightly between bricks, or occasionally from a faulty expansion board.  Check our Troubleshooting Guide for advice on this.

The Roof Module

Setting aside the  main part of the model now, it's time to fit 9 separate lights into that little roof module!

First off an easy one - at the front of the module is a single 2x1 tile in trans clear on top of a 2x1 plate in trans clear.

Pop that off and use the last 15cm White Bit Light between the white studs.  Replace the plate and tile on top and run the cable neatly out to the front.

Leave this for now - we'll connect it up later.

The 2x4 Brick on the Roof

And for the finale - let's tackle that amazing signature brick on the roof.

Reach in and lift out the piece with the trans-clear tiles on each stud.  You may find a brick separator helps get this out.

Here's how it looks:


To fit the eight lights carefully remove each trans-clear tile in turn and remove the 1x1 White Plate underneath it.  Place a Micro Bit Light on the white stud underneath and cover with a 1x1 Trans-Clear Stud (provided).

Ensure the yellow side of the bit light is facing up - that's the LED!

Carefully replace the trans-clear tile, and tuck the wire underneath.  We'll tidy those up later.

Once you have fitted all eight Micro Bit Lights, collect the wires underneath the module and then wrap them together to form a nice neat braid, with a little slack on each wire.  This will make the plumbing easier later!


To fit the lights we need one small adjustment.  Take the 'cradle' which holds these lights and adjust the bottom as shown below.  We've taken out the White 1x4 plate so we have space for the wiring.

With this done there's a little more wriggle-room for the wiring.

Now we need to fit the lighting block down to the base. It's a bit of a fiddly operation, as the lighting block is pretty fragile now.  Get the light block roughly in place, then tug the cables down through the back, and ensure no wires are sat on top of a stud.  Then gently push and wiggle into place.

Keep wiggling and applying pressure and you will get it looking neat and straight again.  It's worth taking your time over this part as it's the most visible part of the model.

Now connect all 8 Micro Bit Lights to the Micro Expansion Board.

Be careful as the Micro connectors are delicate.  

Connect your power supply to one of the end connectors now - just to check all 8 lights are working.

Finally position the completed roof section back onto the 1st floor, running the bundle of wires neatly to the rear.

When it's firmly in place, pull the wire from that front LED (between the Yellow and Red blocks) and connect to one end of the 8 Port Micro Expansion Board.

Hold onto your hats - we're almost done.

Position the whole roof section ready to go back onto the main building.

You just need to connect the final 5cm Connecting Cable from the 8 Port Expansion board on the ground floor to the Micro Expansion board dangling under the roof section.

Carefully replace the roof module gently pushing any errant cables back inside and out of the way.  Here's where that bundle of lights should run, with the 8-Port Micro Expansion Board inside the building.

Sit back.  Breathe.  And hit the On button.

Wiring Diagram

To help you see how it works - here's how it all connects together.  We've broken this down into three main sections : components outside the model (i.e. behind it and out of sight); components inside the main body of the building, and those bits which go into the removable roof module.

End Result

And here we are - this is what you should have at the end! 

For ​more images and guidance check out our blog post on this project!

Questions / Comments / Need help?

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