Elegant Bricks FAQs

Elegant Bricks was founded by Oliver & Anke to do what everyone really wants - turn our passion into our business.

We aim to provide quality products linked to the LEGO® brand and back this up with proper old fashioned personal service.

Elegant Bricks is a family business based in South West London.

In August 2020 Elegant Bricks became Elegant Bricks Limited, a UK registered company.

We think it's an AWESOME name. (there’s a song about that, you know)

Our name was inspired by the legendary Mr Gold. Mr Gold is a highly limited edition Metallic Gold plated minifigure released by LEGO® in 2013. Only 5000 were released worldwide making him arguably the most collectable LEGO® product ever. And no, we don't have one :(

Whatever you think about Mr Gold, with his Gold top hat and cane, he's certainly an elegant (mini) figure.

We founded the business on the principle of making LEGO® better. Light My Bricks are our primary supplier and we picked their products because we know and love them. They make lighting solutions which perfectly complement LEGO® models and really make them pop. Having used their products personally, they were the ideal choice to be our first brand to sell in the UK and across Europe.

Yes. But we like them.  And if you ask us something weird we can put it here for next time. 

Then we can say "We told you so" and be a bit smug.

We have two important points to make.

Firstly : We do not sell LEGO®.

Secondly : We do not sell LEGO®.

We realise that -technically- that could be considered the same point twice, but we felt it's such an important point it was worth emphasizing.

We do sell lighting solutions for LEGO® models. These do not include the models themselves.

Some people have told us that we should not advertise our products using photos of them installed onto LEGO® models.

But would you buy a car cleaning product based on a photo of a puddle of liquid?

Or a meal based on a photo of the ingredients?

No. Our products are wires, LEDs, circuit boards and so on. Tested, packaged, and presented with detailed instructions so that -anyone- can get the same results.

And they do just one thing : they make your LEGO® models look AMAZING.

The components don't look great on their own, but you can see exactly what you're buying if you read the instructions - you'll find links on every product page.

Sure, we could do that. But it's best to have a look at our Shipping and Returns page.

You know that's not really a question yes? This page is meant to be for questions only!

Elegant Bricks is run from our home in South West London.

We ship all orders directly from here - we don't ship from Asia or anywhere else.

We don't have a high street shop - we operate entirely online.

See above - Sorry but we operate online only and run the business from our home.

Though we'd love to welcome our customers for a cup of tea it's
apparently a bad idea to advertise your home address and ask the public to drop in any time! Just ask Tony Stark. See how well that worked for him? Exactly.

We offer fairly priced shipping to the UK and to every corner or the European Union.

We also ship to some close neighbours such as Norway and Switzerland, who probably would be part of the EU if they weren't so stubborn... It's okay we love you too.

If you live outside these areas then sorry - but we don't currently offer delivery to you as standard. You may find other Light My Bricks suppliers closer to home who can help.

If you have no other options to find our products then drop us a line and we'll provide a quote for shipping if needed.

Do bear in mind that outside the UK there may be taxes due on receipt of a parcel from abroad - we cannot predict or control these and any import taxes / duties are your responsibility.

Please see the Shipping page for details.

As a UK VAT registered business, we must charge VAT on all sales to customers in the UK. Our prices include VAT - the current rate is 20%.

If you are ordering from outside the UK, or from a non-VAT UK territory such as Guernsey, the price you pay will be updated to reflect that.

You will not be charged UK tax if the order is being shipped outside of the UK.


Our main range of lighting kits and products are designed and built by Light My Bricks.

We also make a few special items ourselves.

Although our kits and other products often include some genuine LEGO® brand products, the kits themselves are not in any way approved or authorised by the LEGO® Group of Companies.

As per our disclaimer : LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorise, or endorse this site.

That's easy! Just get in touch.

We are a small family business and we're dedicated to nothing but the best customer service.

We provide a single and simple method of contact (hint : hello@elegantbricks.com) and will do whatever we can to help with any query or issue.

You should also ensure you have familiarised yourself with our User Guide and Troubleshooting Guide as these really do solve many common problems.

You can buy the lighting kits from Light My Bricks directly from them or from a few other official re-sellers worldwide.

If you're in the UK you will not find Light My Bricks cheaper elsewhere! We sell at or below the manufacturer's RRP, and our shipping costs are much more economical. We're faster too, since we're local.

When comparing prices it's vital that you include the cost of VAT and Import Duty. If you buy from outside the UK then the courier will send you a bill to pay before they deliver your parcel. And they'll add at least £10 fees for their trouble too!

All imports of goods from outside the UK are subject to VAT at 20% and import duty (which is variable based on the type of goods - typically around 5% for this kind of product).

Because Elegant Bricks buys in bulk we can offer these products locally within Europe and at very competitive prices!

Light My Bricks FAQs

Most of the following FAQs are blatantly stolen from our suppliers at Light My Bricks.

It's their product so you get their replies.

They're less sarcastic than we are, so that's something at least.

In the beginning, the team behind Light My Bricks wanted to find ways to enhance their own growing LEGO® Modular Building collection.

It dawned on them that lighting up their LEGO® sets would be a great way to give their cities a sense of realism.

So they quickly turned to the Internet to see what they could find. Unfortunately, what they found was a mixture of complex componentry, lack of instructional guides and an experience that wasn’t on par with the LEGO® brand.

Putting their collective heads together, they decided to start Light My Bricks. By offering high-quality LEGO® LED lights, with easy to follow instructions, Light My Bricks aims to provide LEGO® fans of all types the ability to light up their own creations.

Much like building a LEGO® set, LMB feels that opening and installing an LMB
lighting kit should be a great “experience”.

Before delivery, all LMB components are tested for quality assurance at our
Australian warehouse before being packed and shipped.

LMB light kits are delivered in high quality printed boxes that exude a premium feel. Magnetic clasps on our boxes provide secure but easy access to
components, and contents are packaged individually using anti-static and clear plastic bags.

Moulded foam helps secure more delicate components such as power packs during delivery.

Each LMB light kit comes with instructions to access detailed online installation guides.

Lots of other LEGO® lighting systems are not designed with scalability in mind. Instead,
they fuse their lights into imitation bricks, meaning flexibility and scalability is lost.

Where LEGO® pieces are required, LMB only uses genuine LEGO® parts.

Another issue with other lighting systems is the requirement of individual power supplies; this can be a problem for large collections.

LMB use components that can all be interconnected and powered off a single power source.

As a hobbyist, this is a significant advantage for extensive LEGO® collections.

Rather than “turning on” each LEGO® light kit, one-by-one, LMB lights can be daisy-chained and powered from a single source!

For collectors that display their sets in display cabinets or custom cases, we also offer infra-red remote control access too.

We offer multiple lighting options. Aimed at mobile / smaller models - our lights can be battery powered using either standard AA batteries or using flat CR2032 batteries.

We also stock USB power cables which can be plugged into a USB power bank or wall supply to power up your models.

And if your LEGO® model has a LEGO® Power Functions or Powered Up system we offer connectors so your lights can run off the same power.

If you have multiple sets to power we provide a multi-power connection kit to easily link models together - ideal for modular buildings and other fixed installations.

Check out our blog on how to wire up larger collections. We wrote this specifically for the Winter Village series, but of course it applies to all collections.

All of our lighting products run on 5 volts DC.

All kits come with amazing step by step photographic guides.

Unlike our competitors we don't print them out really small and include them in the box - we publish them online. You can see in advance exactly what you're buying and how to install it!

Plus you can zoom in when needed of course.

All our Product pages contain links to the latest instructions for each kit.

The team at Light My Bricks are always hard at work developing new products and kits to brighten up new LEGO® sets.

But there are just so many LEGO® sets out there!

If you have a favourite and would like the Light My Bricks team to release a kit for it - send us a message and we'll pass it on.

Alternatively go it alone and do your own lighting with our DIY range. It's great fun and very rewarding to do this yourself and make something truly unique.

If you want to design lights for any project we’re here to help. We’ve helped many customers design and install their lights and it’s the best part of our job - drop us a line any time!

To hear about new kits you can stay in touch via our Facebook or Instagram feeds.

All of our lights are LEDs and do not give off any significant amount of heat. Our products are designed to run continuously.

The running time for our lights depends on the power source and the number of lights connected.

The more lights connected, the more power it draws, and therefore will not run as long as compared to a kit with fewer lights on the same battery pack.

As time goes on, the lights will slowly become dimmer as the batteries grow weaker.

Our USB option, however, can run as long as the USB power bank allows or even continuously if connected to a USB adaptor that plugs into a mains supply.

As a guide, our Police Car Starter Kit (6-Lights + Round/Flat Battery Pack) will run approximately 6 hours before starting to dim and then eventually stop powering after 12 hours.

Compared to a kit like the Ghostbusters Ecto 1 (18-Lights + Flat Battery Pack) will run for approximately 4 hours before dimming and then eventually stop after 8 hours.

AA Battery Packs are the highest capacity packs we sell - they last considerably longer than either Flat, Round or Micro Battery Packs.

Unless you have no other option, we strongly recommend using USB power for all your lighting projects. Save batteries, save money, and save the planet too!

Yes, of course! This is one of Light My Bricks main features.

We offer multi-light kit connecting kits which allow you to connect up to 4 light kits and power them using a USB Power Cable to a USB Power Bank or USB Power Adaptor that can connect to power main.

Simply swap out the battery packs with connecting cables. Then connect the connecting cables to an expansion board. Next, connect the expansion board to a USB Power Cable and select your power source (Power Bank or Power Adaptor).

Find them in our Components section.

For a full explanation on how to do this, check out our blog. We wrote this about the Winter Village sets, but the same concepts apply to any LEGO
® display.

Although there are no limitations to how many lights you wish to power off a single source, we recommend using around 8 light kits per single power source. This will provide you with optimal brightness from your lights.

The more lights added to a single power source will result in a decrease in the level of brightness. This is because of the increased power required to illuminate the lights.

In many cases the best approach is "suck it and see". You won't break the lights and if you add more and more sets and find the brightness dropping, or the effects boards stopping to function, then it's time to split the display and start another run of lights using a separate wall supply.