Last Update : June 29th 2020 - v1.1 Boards Launch Day!

Here's the settings we have in our pre-configured Raspberry Pi images for you.

This is the same configuration you'll get if you download our code from GitHub to use with your own Raspberry Pi!

Buy a board today and this is what you'll get.  Want to change it?  Read our guide!

Mode : Fantasy mode

Stations : 14

Station Names :

  • Stud City
  • Brickston
  • Attic Brick City
  • Murp Grove
  • Brickville
  • Bricknell
  • Bricksburg
  • Legollywood
  • Legoburg
  • Vancouver Brick City
  • Micro:Bit City
  • Seattle Brick City
  • Brickstown on Sea

Platforms : 9 (numbers 1 to 9)

Delays : 20% of trains randomly run up to 4 minutes late

Random Magic : 2% of trains might get randomly diverted to Hogwarts!


Want something different?  Configure it yourself - or contact us for help.

Want to suggest a new station for our list?  Drop us a line!