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This is a custom project request - to make one of our unique Arduino type control boards to light your project to your requirements.

You can choose from a variety of standard effects and patterns which we've tested already - or order a completely bespoke design and we can work together to make it just what you need.

There are two sizes of board available - this is our smaller programmable board with up to 12 LEDs.

You can have any colour and any pattern of LED you choose.

How it works

These boards are completely open source Arduino based programmable chipsets.  

We will make a board with the program you need - and can tweak any aspect of the speed or sequence of the lights.  And once we deliver, you can still edit and change the programming if you wish!

Each board can be fitted with the number of Bit Light LEDs you request - and you can have any of our standard colours:

  • Warm White
  • Cold White
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink

This board can have up to 12 LEDs connected.

The LEDs are hard wired to the boards so please bear that in mind when designing how to fit these - you cannot unplug and re-plug these lights.


We offer the following effects as standard - and if you need something unique just choose 'custom project' and we'll be in touch to discuss what you need.

  • Sweep - Lights illuminate in sequence in a cycle then start again from the beginning.
  • Knight Rider - a sweep from left to right and back again, with a trail effect behind each light to smooth the effect.
  • Random - All lights flash in rapid sequence completely randomly.
  • Custom Project - choose the lights you want and tell us how you want them to light up.  Anything is possible - just describe it as best you can.  We'll be in touch to clarify it and show you our first mock-up of how it could look.  Once you're happy we'll get the soldering iron out.


The boards do NOT come with power!  This is to make it as flexible as possible for you. 

Instead we fit these boards with a standard Light My Bricks socket so you can power them from any of our battery packs - from the tiny Micro Battery pack up to our big AA Battery Pack or a USB Cable

We recommend USB power or an AA Battery Pack whenever possible as the smaller battery packs don't last that long 


Order one of our standard patterns or a custom project.  Use the comments at checkout to tell us how many LEDs you need (up to 12 on this board) and what colour you want.  If you have any requests for a custom project or want to tweak a standard effect, tell us that too.

Once you order we'll drop you a line to confirm what you need.

You can get in touch any time via email or chat too.  

If you want a standard component we'll build it with the number and colour of lights you request, program the board, and send you a video of it in action.

If you want to tweak the program - we can do that.  

When you're happy it'll go in the post right away.


Since we make these to order, and we need feedback from you to confirm we have got it right, these typically take 7 days from ordering to landing on your doorstep.

Taking it Further

Once you have your board, and if you like to dabble in programming, you can reprogram it yourself!  We can share the code used on your board and you can tinker with it directly.

All you need is a PC and a Micro USB cable to hook it up.

Free software is available to write and test your code - the Arduino IDE.

If you want to have a go at this we'll help get you started.

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