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It's me!

This is not a lighting product.  This is our Minifig Mascot.  Our SigFig.  Our miniature representative in the world of LEGO.

We have, on occasion, given these away to our most distinguished customers.  The biggest.  The boldest.  The ones who give us lots of money.

So now we are releasing MiniEB out into the world and making him available to purchase.

These are extremely limited edition.  Which makes them rare - it does not make them valuable!

The Gold Hat is our logo - and sadly LEGO do not make one.  So we use a 3rd party Chrome Gold Hat for our MiniEB. All other parts are 100% genuine LEGO.

We don't make a profit on these - they're rather expensive due to the custom printing and hat - but for real fans who want to live the Elegant Bricks dream they are now available :)

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