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Infinity Gauntlet with Light-up Stones

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Don't let him snap!

We made this illuminated Infinity Gauntlet for fun to support the release of Marvel's Avengers : Endgame movie.  And by popular demand you can now buy this as a mini kit!

This is a third party replica of LEGO's Infinity Gauntlet complete with all six stones.  This will fit onto a standard jumbo figure of Thanos.  Or Hulk.  Or any other jumbo minifigure with a standard Technic pin connector.

This gauntlet has 6 Infinity stones all lit up from within.  The stones are glued in place and a neatly braided bundle of power cables comes from the base of the gauntlet.  The gauntlet itself is a lovely shiny chrome gold colour.

The set contains the following components:

  • 1 x Custom Chrome Gold Gauntlet with 6 Infinity Stones fitted
  • 5 x Light My Bricks bit lights permanently fitted
  • 1 x 6 Port Expansion board
  • 1 x Flat Battery Pack with on/off switch (batteries included)

Everything you need to light up the gauntlet is included. 

The gauntlet is connected by around 25cm of cable to the expansion board, and then another 15cm of cable to the battery pack.

The jumbo figures are NOT included! 
(But if you need one then leave a note at checkout - we do have some - they're not genuine LEGO and are not quite the same style as the photos - Thanos is wearing blue and gold armour in my spare jumbo figures...)

Important Note - Not LEGO!

Unlike most of our kits and components this does NOT use a genuine LEGO gauntlet or stones.  The cost of a genuine LEGO brand gauntlet and a full set of stones is often £20 to £30 alone and would make this unaffordable for most.  The LEGO Group do not make this gauntlet in this Chrome Gold finish.

If you would like us to make one of these for you with real LEGO products please get in touch and we'll work out a quote for you. We have however found the genuine LEGO gauntlets let light bleed through the plastic which affects the end result.

Out of stock?

We're only making a limited number of these items in a batch, so if we're out of stock please drop us a line and we'll make you one to order.  The price won't change, and it may take a week - but request it and it will happen.

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