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This Rotating Sequence Board will allow you to connect up to 4 output channels per sequence (2 sequences at a time) to create a rotating sequence effect. Each channel will pulse on and pulse off to provide a smoother transition between each light.

Physical dimensions are 49mm width x 7mm length. It contains 4 output channels per sequence giving you a total of 8 output ports and 1 input port.

Please note: This effects board can only be used for static lights. It can NOT control our Flashing or Rotating Bit Lights.

Powering Options: If you wish to use the output ports for up to 6 bit lights then the Flat or Round Battery Pack will be sufficient. If you wish to combine this effect board with more lights, expansion boards, and connecting cables you will require more power from an AA Battery Pack or USB Power Cable.

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User Guide
Our User Guide is a great resource that outlines proper component handling and installation with LEGO® models.

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